Things To Think Of Before Migrating

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Many people nowadays go looking for greener pastures in other countries. They may migrate for economic reasons such as better employment opportunities and better wages; higher education opportunities like recognized universities; and for social and political reasons like more liberal cultures or escaping religious and/or political persecution. When we migrate, we often see only the benefits because we believe we’re leaving behind something bad. However, there are several things you need to consider before you migrate as that will determine your future. Here are some factors you should be aware of before you plan to migrate:

Earning and Saving Opportunities

Presumably you are migrating for economic reasons. You have secured a job and the pay is fantastic. But how are the living conditions and cost of living? It doesn’t matter how high the pay is if the living cost is equally high. Many countries face this situation, and as long as the country functions within a consumer culture and market economy, that’s fine. After all, you will probably spend 90% of what you earn on building a life there. But what if you plan to or want to save? What if there are family members back home waiting for you to support them any way you can? Don’t just see the $$ signs and run abroad; examine the socio-cultural environment around that too.

A Future for the Kids

Again presumably, if you are going to settle down abroad, your partner and you may decide to have children who will then grow up in a culture foreign to you. They will need proper preschool education and school education.

While every country has good schools that are up to par, not all of them will be affordable so before you decide on which country is the most profitable or most safe, check up also on the standards of preschool education and school education that will be available for your future children. Curricula should take into account the developmental psychology of the children as well as the social and physical skills they need to navigate the world outside their home.

Permanent Residency or Citizenship

Plans may change in the future, but if for the moment you think you will not be coming back to your country of origin, then look into whether or not you may apply for permanent residency or citizenship in the country you are migrating to. Permanent residency typically allows an individual to live and work in that country forever, however they cannot vote and they cannot apply for office in government institutions. Citizenship is just that: all the benefits of being a member of that particular country. Some countries like Australia and the UK offer citizenship for those who have lived there for a long time while countries like Japan only allows Permanent Residency unless one or more of your parents are of Japanese citizenship.