Preventing Illness And Disease

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The world around is plagued with illness and disease to the point where the world can no longer survive in its present state. If humans continue with their present lifestyles, our world and our species will not survive another decade. In fact, scientists and specialists in the field have given humans a maximum of another fifty years for survival if we do not make a drastic change in our lifestyles. If you are interested about endoscopy you can visit this site

Common illness
The shocking rates at which colorectal screening in Singapore statistics and other cancers are going up is so alarming however not many people are aware of the numbers and these statistics as they are too busy trying to earn a living and make money. The world has become so fast paced that young people would sacrifice their own health and their own lives in an effort to earn as much money as possible meaning that these young people will rarely eat a nutritious meal and will sustain themselves solely on fast food from corporations such as McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken whose “food” is not only chemical packed and preservative packed but the food is also nutritionally deficient and can be referred to as food only loosely.

Simultaneously the demand for treatment such as colonoscopy is on the rise and many hospitals and healthcare providers are making millions off of the lifestyles that these young people live. As such, it is no surprise that these same health care professionals and healthcare companies will give bad advice to these young people and will sometimes choose to keep this knowledge under wraps.

With the direct link between meat eating, dairy consumption and cancer being so well known, one would think that these big companies would make more of an effort to make it known to the world however, there are many people who will have a lot to lose from the world becoming healthy and they therefore invest millions of dollars to keep this information a secret. Many young people take comfort and satisfaction in knowing that their doctor approved their diet and their eating styles however, it is vital that they keep in mind that these same doctors earn money from them being unhealthy and sick. This considered, a doctor may be the last person they will want to take advice from on their diet and their lifestyle. It is vital that young people take more responsibility in finding out the truth for themselves by doing research on the internet and reading books about nutrition and health as this is the only way they will find out the truth.