Planning A Surprise Asian Vacation For The Anniversary

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An anniversary is a special day for any couple. It is the best day to get away from busy schedules and enjoy time to yourselves and have some fun. It could be one of the rarer of the incidents where you both are in the same page as well. However the planning process and booking process when going abroad can be quite a hassle. There are multitudes of gorgeous places all around the planet and you will have to choose one or few close by.
Picking what to do mostly
Asia is one of the largest conglomerations of countries. If the two of you are in the adventurous mood more than relaxing mood then backpacking will be the best bet. You can go backpacking throughout most of the smaller countries but it all depends on your schedule. Backpacking is not recommended unless you have more than two weeks to spare for vacation time. If you want to enjoy some relaxing time and yacht charter rides, then going for a hotel is the best.
Settling at Philippines
One of the favorite travel destinations in the world this country has affordable rates of services and also an amazing culture to marvel at. Manila is a great city and you can check out their cheap but good electronics and exotic clothes. If you want something beach side and a boat rides then you should go for the coastal areas like Boracay. Philippine hotels usually have great deals for couples who are coming down for anniversary and such celebrations. You can go for candlelight dinners, spa time and other luxuries for affordable pricings.
Okinawa of Japan
Renowned for its beaches and the military base, Okinawa is a travel destination for those who want to eat, enjoy and relax. You can have authentic cuisine, enjoy the beach strips and get some of the best services in the world. Okinawa is also known for its diving spots and its temperatures are not too glaring hot like South Asia or freezing cold like northern Japan. There are multiple places to window shop at and you can also enjoy some bit of history from World War II at here too.
For those couples who want to dive then Koh Tao and Phuket of Thailand, Derawan Islands and Raja Ampat Islands of Indonesia, Mergui Archipelago of Burma, Koh Rong of Cambodia are some of the world famous spots. For those who want to enjoy water sports and surfing then Hokkaido and Honshu of Japan, Arugam Bay and Kalpitiya of Sri Lanka, Yilan of Taiwan, Jackals Simeulue and Karang Nyimbor of Indonesia are the best.