How To Get A Cat Down From A Tall Tree?

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Having cats in your home cat be an experience of unspeakable joy due to the unconditional love they give you. For every person who has a in their lives, their cat is their best friend and the one being who will be there to comfort them when they are sad or when they are sick. It has been proven time and time again that having a cat or a dog can be therapeutic and can help reduce stress levels significantly. This said however, cats can be rather naughty and every cat parent will tell of the funny and sometimes tiresome experiences they have had with their cat when their cat has done something naughty. One of the most common things that cats tend to get up to is climbing up high trees or on high roofs and refusing to come back down. In some cases, this could be from fear of heights or lack of knowledge of how to get back down but in some cases, it can be just plain stubbornness. You however, as the cat parent have the responsibility of getting the baby down irrespective of the cats reasoning for going up to the high elevation.
Call her name
One of the most common ways of getting a cat down from a tall tree will be calling her name however as you may have guessed, this does not work all the time. 
Call the professionals
Although often a last resort, calling the professionals is one of the most effective ways of getting your cat down. You could call your local fire prevention services or your fire department to come in and help you to get your cat down. You will be surprised to find that they will in most cases oblige and even more surprised to find that this is a job they do far more often that putting out fires.

Your local fire prevention services will usually have a very high professional fire security equipment that will most likely prevent house from burning. In some cases, having the fireman climb up and retrieve your beloved baby could work however, in most cases your cat will not be happy to go to a stranger and you will need to climb up and get your baby yourself.
Your cat’s favourite words
Until your local fire department has arrived, you could try to get your cat down by saying her favourite words. Every cat has a number of words that she understands, usually the words associated with her food and food time. Keep shouting these words and you might have some success.