How To Build A Good Connection And Rapture Between Work Teammates?

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A good rapture and connection between team members can be vital; especially in delicate tasks. But how do you build team rapture? Here are a few methods to try out…

 Take the time to introduce each member

 This tip is for when you have to introduce a new team member to an already well performing team. Take the time to introduce the new member in a proper way. We understand that as the head of a corporation, you cannot always be asked to do so personally. In this case, make sure to allocate this task to someone more suitable. Make sure they do it though; asking for feed back if necessary. These few minutes that they spend, introducing and breaking the ice, will help your employees embrace the new member better.

 Play a few ice breaking games to ensure they are comfortable with each other before a project

 Employee engagement in Singapore help your employees perform their daily tasks better, but it will not really help them work efficiently as a team. For this, you need to have a much simpler approach; an approach very basic. Every time you have to form a new team for a project, ask your team managers to get the team members to play a few ice breaker games. There are many examples online as to what sort of beneficial games you can play to encourage team development. Ask them to try out a few; and go with the most well received games. 

 Take them out for team meetings

 Sometimes, it is not only about teams in the lower part of your company. sometimes it can be a team that you are involved in perhaps an executive team. In this case, you have the freedom of doing as you please. Take your team out for a meal, or have your meeting over at a restaurant; discussing details over food. This is actually a great way to ensure team building, so you can encourage those working under you to try it with their own teams as well. You can even consider this as part of your employee benefits.

 Encourage them meeting up outside work

 It goes without saying that the work place is not the best place for forming strong relationships. After all, you are here to work. But it is also undeniable that having a strong friendship can help many people perform tasks better; especially if they happen to be team mates. So encourage them to meet outside the work environment. Sponsor for them to take a camping holiday or buy them a round at the local water hole at the end of the work week.