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Spring Cleaning Tips: Basement Venture

Cleaning during spring time is more of a tradition and a habit to most people. If you were lucky enough to see your mom and dad making sure everything is tidy and wiped down before the heating of the climate starts, then it is integrated into your seasonal habits system. But if not, spring cleaning is something that should be ingrained anyway. There are multiple benefits of starting your basement cleaning in spring. And you will be able to make sure that when summer comes up, there are less unwanted little residents living in your basement.


One of the foremost things to do is the decluttering of the basement. Since most of us end up using the basement as a storage, there are many items lying around. Keep your sentimentality away and get going with cleaning out all the junk. You should start making piles of wanted, unwanted and to be donated piles of items. Do not try to keep items that are useless, even the ones that you think will come helpful ‘someday’. In most scenarios, these ‘somedays’ never happen and you will have useless things littering your basement.

Vacuuming and cleaning

Make sure to get a vacuum or borrow one that has a high level of power and also holding capacity. You should be able to vacuum a large area before having to replace the baggie. This is a good time to use your vacuum as a termite control in Singapore by making sure that you are getting all the corners and other hidden areas. Generally speaking, doing a good sweeping before vacuuming is necessary.

Fixing windows and broken areas

If you made the windows and the doors of the basement sealed against wind and rain, then keep them as it is. It is recommended to keep windows and doors open for a while every month or so to make sure that the place is aired properly. This is of necessity for termite control as is sealing off all and every hole and crack in the basement. Use of cement is recommended for fixing any broken areas and floor areas. If you have cement walls in the basement then make sure that cracks on the wall are covered as well. keep a spray foam and seal off any tiny crack and hole that a pest may use to come into your house.

Basement cleaning can be a hectic and tiring activity, but it is one of necessity. If you keep your basements clean and properly air it out as needed, most of the pest problems that people face will not occur in the first place.

Tips For Relocating Your Business

Moving your business to a new location? That’s a big decision that will affect your customer base and overall operations. Obviously, some small businesses, once they find their footing, expand to the city. So, new locations can mean many things—new opportunities, new customers and of course, better profits. So, here are several extremely useful tips you should heed when you relocate business:

Call in the Professionals

When you relocate your office, don’t rely on your employees to pack equipment and transport them to the new location. You will need a professional removalist to do all this. The professionals will be able to neatly transport all your items without causing damage or worse. They will also know how to transport most efficiently. So, don’t be miserly about hiring professional movers.

Update Address

Don’t forget to update your old address with the new one on all your websites, listings, documents and on Google Maps. Issue a notice online and in print that you have moved to a new place. Keep this announcement in place at least up to three months until all your returning customers know where you are now. You should also share this announcement around the web using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Clean the New Place First

Before you call in the removalist to move all your things to the new place, you need to have it cleaned and scrubbed down. If you have redecorated the new office upon purchase, there will be construction debris cluttering the place. If you have purchased an old office and not done any interior decorating, there still will be dust and trash left around by previous owners. Needless to say, you will have to call in professional cleaners to have the place looking shiny and new before you move in your things.

Let the Neighborhood Know

Now that you are at a new location, let the customers in the area know that you are doing business there, too. Hold a live event, such as a music concert or a free giveaway, to attract attention. Make sure that you do not disturb neighboring businesses or residents in the process. When you move into a new neighborhood, the first rule is to respect the neighbors until you get to know them better.

Sort out Legal Matters

If you are moving your business to a new jurisdiction, like a new state or a city, there will be certain legal matters that needs taken care of. For example, different states may require local registration numbers for businesses. Tax laws can also be different. So, call your lawyer and get these things sorted out as soon as possible.

As soon as you heed the above tips, relocating your business will go without a hitch.