Daily Archive: March 8, 2018

What Should You Not Purchase Second Handed

We all love frequenting thrift stores and yard sales. That is because we find numerous items at fraction of the cost. Furthermore, many of these items including clothes are in good condition. Therefore no one would even know that you purchased them at a yard sale. You could even find branded items at such sales. Thus, it is understandable why one would have an intense love affair with these sales. However, one should keep in mind that not all items can be purchased at second hand. Instead, there are some products that you have to purchase as brand new items. We know that this is not something you like to hear. But even saving up and purchasing these items would be worthwhile in the long run.


Mattresses are not something that you can use for the entirety of your life. That is because even if it doesn’t have bed bugs it will begin to contain lumps after some time so its time to get pest control services. This would, therefore, make it impossible for one to sleep. Therefore when this happens you would start considering the prospect of purchasing a new mattress. However, when you hear the prices you would begin to frequent yard sales.

But there is one thing that you need to remember. That is that these old mattresses contain the dead skin cells of its previous owner. This is because one normally sheds their dead skin cells whilst they sleep. Furthermore, you also don’t know what bodily fluids it contains. Another thing that you don’t want to experience is calling a bed bug services Singapore. Thus, that is why we normally recommend you purchase this item brand new.


Most of the females don’t leave their house without applying makeup. Therefore it is understandable that they would run out of cosmetics at a rapid rate. However, regularly replenishing them would take a chunk from your bank account. Thus, that is why women tend to look for cosmetics at thrift stores. But the problem is using used cosmetic products can result in your contracting a disease. That is because you don’t know what type of the infectious disease the previous user had. Furthermore, many stores also tend to sell expired goods. However, if the package is intact then you can purchase it provided it hasn’t expired. But we normally recommend you to invest the money in brand new cosmetic products. That is because this is a risk that is not worth taking.

No matter how much you love thrift shopping you should try to read this article. This way you can discover what items you should avoid the next time you visit a flea market.