Daily Archive: December 6, 2017

Tips For Managing Extremely Naughty Kids

So, you would have probably heard mothers grumbling non-stop on how naughty their kids are. Some even go a step ahead and say all the kids are the same! But you can see how well behaved the child actually is compared to your little monster. And then you are worried sick thinking, “what am I doing wrong?” caregiver jobs in Singapore

Well, here are my thoughts on how you can manage ‘naughty’ kids! 


One thing that you need to understand completely is the fact that not all kids are the same! There are some, who will be quite in public but play havoc in the house. And another group of kids who will not be as naughty as they are in public when they are in the house. And finally, another group who either is naughty at both instances or extremely shy and quite at both instances. So, first step is to understand what kind of personality your kid has. This will help you to tone down his/her naughtiness. And if you were wondering if genes has something to do with the level of naughtiness? Well, the answer to that question is unfortunately yes! So, what goes around, come around! 


Next, you need to understand the reasons, why your kid is behaving the way he is. Is it a routine behavior? Or does he behave naughty around particular people? You need to probe and find out why he behaves the way he does. The simplest way, is to ask your kid if he is old enough to talk. If not you may have to find out the reason by observing his behavior in different situations. For instance, most kids become extremely uncontrollable when the grandparents are around. This is because they know they are able to control the grandparents who will usually tell you off in front of the kids if you try to scold them. Or you may have just delivered a baby and the older sibling is feeling jealous which the reason for his naughty behavior is. In such a case, a simple solution like getting in touch with a confinement nanny agency will be sufficient. 

Give them the rules  

Whatever the reason for their bad behavior, you should make sure that they know that bad behavior is no excuse. You need to make sure that you set out your rules clearly out to them. Keep in mind that a ‘no’ should always stay a ‘no’! No matter how much they cry or throw a tantrum. You can try to divert their attention to something else, or get them something new. But never give in to their demands. They should understand that you call the decisions and that there is no way they can influence them! Show them who the boss is. Like when it comes to caregiver jobs in Singapore, the workers are known to be extremely obedient to the employers. You will soon see that your kids turn into obedient little humans as well! 

Give them the freedom 

But don’t forget to give them some space of their own. It is very important that you give them some freedom. If you pressurize them too much, then they are bound to rebound to their naughty ways. It is a give and take policy. Where both the parent and the kids have to learn to compromise!