Daily Archive: December 1, 2017

The Modern Trend Of Graduation Gifts

In the years gone by college graduation was always considered a great moment in a person’s life. It was a prized moment that a person always wanted to cherish. Because it marked a great milestone that they had reached in their life and a great achievement that they had made. So obviously this was moment for them to celebrate and be proud of. They could be proud of themselves for what they have achieved and the fact that all the hard work that they out in across the years has finally paid off and they are standing tall on that day, while the crowd cheers them on. And it’s not only a proud moment for the induvial only. Even their friends and family are feeling equally good about themselves and that person. Because someone they love has achieved something so big and they have the right to be happy at that moment.  

So when it’s such a celebratory moment for the whole family, it’s natural that the person is going to be loaded with gifts for his/her achievement. Because everyone feels that they should be rewarded for all the hard work that they have been putting in and for what they have achieved today. But when you compare the situation today and that of the years gone it has changed. Because in those days a graduation gift would be something like branded watch or an expensive pen that the parents gift to their children. That too if only they can afford something like that. If not it would be something simple like a good suit/dress or a good pair of shoes and what not. But these days things have some so far that parents are starting to buy their kids even a Northwave executive condominium. Yes its true parent shave started going to the extent of gifting their kids’ apartments as graduation gifts. So that they will feel comfortable moving out immediately after graduation.  

And it’s not like they opt for something simple like the Northwave EC balance units. They go for luxurious apartments. Because of the reduced real estate prices and the mortgagee values on apartments, parents are taking advantage of the situation and if they can afford it they are gifting their kids their future homes. And this means that the children are also starting to expect more and more form their parents. So parents these days are increasingly shopping for apartments than ever before. 

So if you are one of the people who will be amongst those graduating then you should feel lucky because who knows maybe your parents are also planning to gift you your very own apartment as your graduation gift.