Daily Archive: July 19, 2016

Steps To Retain Your Customers

Your customer is the key player of your business. They need to be attracted, retained and taken care of so that you can build a strong and loyal customer base which will help immensely in facing competition. Most companies take all the initial steps to attract customers and market their products but after that, they do not pay enough attention. This means that true enough people will buy the product, but never again. They will not come back for a second purchase. Since return purchases are crucial for an organization, here are a few ways to go that extra mile to retain customers.

1. Form a good customer relationship

You should make sure you build a real relationship with your customers. If you know them by name, know what they like and don’t like, send them customized marketing merchandise, they will most likely keep returning to your business for purchases. Even if your customers offer better products, they may prefer to visit you because they know you better and you too treat them better. Also keep in mind that all customers should be treated equally. Discrimination can give you a very bad reputation.

2. Provide after sales services

The relationship between you and your customer should not be limited to only the time of the transaction. It should be long term so that your customers will be loyal to you. You can provide monthly or yearly repairs, warranties, replacements etc. so that they will be highly satisfied by you. Also, the transaction can be a one-time purchase such as cars, land and other high investments; however you should always maintain a good rapport with them by sending the perfect gift, inviting them for events etc. so that though they may not buy from you again, they will recommend you to others. This is an indirect marketing tool for you.

3. Under-promise and over-deliver

You should always make an impression that you are actually providing more than what is expected by you. For example, rather than marketing your product as the no.1 product in town, let the product talk for itself. People will believe you and buy your product, however later on when they realize you aren’t the best, your goodwill will be badly hurt. So always let the customer decide.

These simple 3 steps can be used to retain customers and also attract more customers since the current customers may give out a good word about you. Remember, people listen to fellow recommendations more than they pay attention to advertisements. Hence your customer base can be the best marketing tool you could ever ask for.