Daily Archive: July 15, 2016

Entry Doors – Why You Should Choose Them With Care

Doors are a requisite for every house in the world. They allow you to protect yourself and your house by keeping all the unwanted people and animals out. A door is fairly simple. A large piece of wood or metal that can be opened with a key or a pass code, that is all there is to it. Even though it sounds fairly straight forward, it is not. The door you choose for the entrance of your home can tell someone a whole heap of information about you.

The doors you choose; whether they are timber wooden doors or polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC) doors, inform any passerby – who cares enough to look at your door for more than a second-about what kind of a person you are. Your personality characteristics, financial status can all be identified from the way your door looks and the material it is made of.

Doors such as timber wooden doors in Singapore would indicate that you are not too fond of new trends and prefer the elegant and trusted even if it is old fashioned over the riskier and flashier newer trends. Furthermore if the door you choose is simple then it suggests that you do not seek attention and are humble. Whilst if you choose a door with intricate details, it suggests that you are a person who wishes to be noticed and complimented by the people around you. You would want to be the talk of the town and be held in high regard by society.

If you choose to buy a PVC door, then you be seen as a person who does not like spending money needlessly and wishes to lead a simple lifestyle. You would also be seen as someone who does not care about the environment as PVC takes long to degrade and when it does, it releases many toxic materials. Furthermore people would think that you are having financial difficulties so if you do not wish to be seen as such and you actually care about the world we live in, it is better to not buy a PVC door.

Another type of door you could choose to buy is a glass door. If you do buy one, it would indicate that you are trendy and move with the time however people would also believe that you are someone who likes to show off what you own as glass doors if not tinted will show the interior of your house to anyone who passes by.

As you can see from the above, which door you choose for your house would deeply influence how people think about you. Therefore make sure the door you choose represents how you wish to be seen.