Daily Archive: June 27, 2016

How To Work From Home

Most people dream about working from home. Why not? There’s no rush hour commuting to worry about, no need to wake up early or spend the day in uncomfortable shoes. Though everyone may have romantic notions about working from home, working from home is not as simple as that. If someone works from home, usually it means they are self employed. That means double the amount of work than the average employee. So, here are some tips for those who wish to, or already, work from home:
You Need an “Office”
First of all, even when you work from home, you need an office of your own. You can redecorate an old room as a home office, or you convert your normal study to a proper work station. The point is, if you are working from home, you will need a quiet place where you can concentrate free from the usual distractions at home. Otherwise, you would never get anything done. So, working from the kitchen island is not a good plan to get your work done on time. If you have a spare room in your house, call a carpet cleaner right away and have it prepped as your home office.

Set a Schedule
When you have to actually be at an office, you will be working according to a timetable even if you don’t realize it. You wake up each morning at a certain time to get to work on time. Then there’s time for lunch at work, and a time to get off. You need this structure also for working from home. You cannot wake up just anytime, take naps and have TV breaks if you want your business or freelance work to get done on time. You will need serious self discipline to get work done from home.
Hire Help if Needed
When you work, do not expect to have breaks to do housework (read the point above). If there’s any housework, you will have to get them done early morning or late in the afternoon when your day’s work is done. Otherwise, you might have to hire babysitters, reliable cleaning service or gardeners to get serious things done around the house, just like if you were commuting daily to an office.
Don’t Plan to Cook
You cannot cook full meals at your office, and you won’t have time when you work from home either. You will have to prepare your lunches in advance just like you did when you went to a office.
Working from home is not easy, but the above tips will help.