Daily Archive: June 6, 2016

When Is A Child Ready For Group Social Activities?

There are many things a baby requires to grow healthy: good food and nourishment, sleep, attention to its needs and social interaction. While it’s most likely that the baby is subject to an adequate or more than adequate amount of social interaction and relationships, it’s not always that the little ones are able to socialize with those their own age.

This is when a toddler playgroup comes as a solution and becomes a healthy option for babies and a convenient option for working parents. To start off, it’s important that you assess your baby’s levels independence when how old your baby is and how independent he or she is. This is key as playtime will most definitely be one of the first times your little one learns to work together in a team. Further, it might also be a first where the baby is allowed to develop his / her own independence away from those who keep guarding him behind walls of safety. Here are a few of the pointers that one ought to look into when deciding if their child is ready for a pre-K.

First, as a parent, you would know that your child is ready once it starts walking their own, (almost) eating on their own and then shows signs of mild independence.

Second, attempt to search for a playgroup closer to your house or workplace, whichever locations of the two that you might be spending most of your time at. Ensure that there is someone in place who is willing to take down information and also keep up to date with parents and guardians on the child’s progress and activity.

If in the event there isn’t a location closer to either where you live or work, ask friends and family who may have toddlers of a similar age and start your own toddler playgroup in Singapore. Or if that is not an option speak to your neighbours to organise something that can bring the little ones together: tea parties, pool parties or even story-telling times.

One thing that should be kept in mind when organizing these playgroups is to have plenty of options to keep the kids entertained. This would result in the children not getting bored sooner or even fighting over the same toy. It’s good to mix it up a bit and have some variety by including some arts and crafts, musical instruments, puzzles, building blocks, cars and dolls. Thus, the kids not only learn to share and play in groups but also discover likings for newer toys that may have not played with before.